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Teacher Education – UCLan Teacher Education

Welcome to UCLan Teacher Education

The UCLan Teacher Education Partnership offers you the exciting opportunity to study in one of 10 Colleges across the North West region. Our College teams are highly experienced, will provide you with first-rate teaching and support your development throughout the course. In addition to the excellent support from College teams you are also supported on the programme by a Subject Specialist Mentor who will work with you to develop your subject specialism teaching and your overall teaching practice performance. Offering a diverse range of teaching placements in both academic and vocational subject areas, our College-based programmes are designed to provide you with real-life teaching experience working in the FE and Skills Sector. UCLan’s Teacher Education partnership is very significant regionally as it supplies qualified teachers for the post-16 sector across much of the North West. In some colleges, teachers trained on UCLan programmes make up a large proportion of the workforce, and evidence from colleges shows that these teachers are of a high quality and are instrumental in enhancing the learning of very many students. Ofsted also recognises that colleges with UCLan Teacher Education programmes are generally at least ‘good’, if not ‘outstanding’, and that this is due at least in part to the quality of training that teachers have received, and also to the ongoing CPD on teaching and learning which is led in many colleges by the Teacher Education team. For information on our full suite of courses please visit our pages on the UCLan web site